Duck Beach Access

The quaint village of Duck features the Town Park with winding boardwalks along the sound, a public green and amphitheater for outdoor gatherings, trails, picnic areas and a playground. It is also home to dozens of popular eateries, shops, and a wide selection of vacation rentals. The municipality does not maintain any public beach accesses, but plenty of convenient, private community accesses are available for residents, renters and their guests. Please check with homeowners’ associations or rental companies for more information on beach access and necessary permits. See the Town of Duck website for further information.

The town of Duck does not have any public Duck beach access. However, there are numerous private neighborhood beach access locations and wooden walk-overs for town residents, renters and their guests only. 
  • Barrier Island – gated community, lifeguard, wood walkway
  • Caffey’s Inlet – lifeguard, soundside beach and pier
  • Christopher Drive – lifeguard, wood walkway)
  • Four Seasons – gated community, lifeguard, two walkways, parking
  • Plover Drive
  • Scarborough Lane – lifeguard, wood walkway
  • Schooner Ridge Drive – lifeguard, parking, wood walkway
  • Snow Geese South – lifeguard, wood walkway
  • Sprigtail Drive
duck beach access

Map of Duck