Reading the Rips

The bright red letters, darting arrows and catchy slogan dot countless beach access points along the Outer Banks. Yet for all the warnings about rip currents and how to “Break the Grip of the [...]

Outer Banks Beach Canopy Laws

Quite a bit of gear is required for a day on the beach with family and friends. Often that includes tents and umbrellas to protect us from the hot sun while providing a home base for our group [...]

When Sand Becomes Deadly

With all that sand beneath our feet this summer, it’s hard for some beachgoers to resist the urge to just pick up a shovel and start digging – whether they are aiming to create a hole for the [...]

OBX 5 Minute Beach Cleanup

OBX 5 Minute Beach Cleanup – Leslie Vegas has always been a trash collector, so it’s no surprise that N.C. Aquarium employee found a way to encourage others to just take five minutes and do [...]

Sunscreen OBX Past and Present

Sunscreen Outer Banks – Summertime always seems to bring back memories of being a young child vacationing on the Outer Banks. The thrill of getting that first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean. [...]

Hurricane Prepping

It’s hurricane season once again, and living on a sandbar forces us to have a keen awareness of each storm that approaches our little piece of paradise. Although most of us have experience with a [...]

Beach Smarts 101

Make the most of your Outer Banks vacation (and help other people do the same!) with these beach etiquette pro-tips. If you have others, feel free to share in the comments (but be nice!). 1. [...]

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