4-Wheel Drive Only Beach

For complete information about driving on the Corolla and Carova beaches, see our BEACH DRIVING page.

4WD Guidelines
  • Do NOT drive on the beach unless you have 4WD (AWD doesn’t work and towing off the beach is expensive)
  • Before approaching the beach ramp, adjust the air pressure to 15-20 psi in all four tires
  • Do not stop or park in the ramp area
  • Parking on the beach after approximately 1 mile (watch the signage)
  • Fill your gas tank before driving on the beach (there are no gas stations in this area)
  • Speed limit is 35 mph; 15 mph if within 300 feet of a person or animal
  • Do not park or set up your beach space in the driving lanes
  • Watch for pedestrians, animals and wild horses
  • Do not come within 50 feet of the wild horses; citations will be issued

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